For the love of wood

You’ve probably seen the contemporary concave shelving by Jointed & Jointed, but may not have known who it was by. You might not have seen some of their other designs though. They were at Grand Designs earlier this year and their stand was one that just encouraged you (or me at least) to walk around it ‘stroking’ the furniture, while trying not to of course.

I think it’s the grain on this bureau that makes it work and gives it its contemporary feel, and I think I’d definitely feel more organised. Perhaps momentarily, but I’m sure I would!

A wooden bureau or writing desk at Grand Designs Live 2018

The shelving unit with its boxed ‘zones’ also appeals to me. For me it’s the irregularity that appeals, for MOH it’s the irregularity that he’s not so keen on. If I thought it was something that would work in our house, then I think this would be worth the work that would be required to pave the way for this one.

There's something comforting about everything having its space

What I wasn’t expecting to see was a wooden desk lamp - well you wouldn’t would you? But after seeing it, I kind of wondered why not?

A light in wood, wouldn't be your first thought would it?

But the item that really captured my attention was this tower of wooden shoe boxes - I think the shoes could do with more work, but that’s by the bye. I spent a fair amount of time admiring this walnut tower of loveliness which was commissioned by Wallpaper* magazine for their Handmade series.

shoe boxes with a difference

MOH could spot the signs and moved quickly, pointing out that I’d need several of these or have to have severe clear out. He needn’t have bothered though as I’d already spotted the £4k+ price tag, and yet it was still lovely.

Nifty shoe storage at Grand Designs Live

There’s nothing else for it, I’ll need a dressing - or more appropriately - a shoe room, that makes perfect sense doesn’t it?


Let's talk TV Units

When AIF (or Adventures in Furniture) got in touch and asked me to preview their Living room furniture, I decided to take a look at their TV units and I make no apology for the sameness of items I've chosen from their site. AIF are a company that "specialise in contemporary designs that are crafted using solid materials and traditional techniques" which means their furniture is built to last, and I think that shows.

On their site there's a selection of TV units which I think are right and up to the job. You see, I have issues with the TV property shows that have TVs on a wall above a fireplace, I think the TVs are just too high.  

My rule of thumb is that the TV should be at eye-level , or lower when you're sitting on the sofa.  Often (but not always) having it above a mantelpiece means it's too high and therefore uncomfortable to watch. I also think it gives greater prominence than is necessary for a piece of electrical equipment which all too often we can plan our lives around.

For me, TV units should be at least twice the width of the TV itself and low-level. That means they aren't in your eye line as you watch the goggle box and therefore don't interfere with your viewing. Ideally, I'd have some open and closed space, because let's face it we could all do with the extra storage, and not all of it needs to be pretty!

So these are my picks from the Living Room section of their site:


Photo credit: AIF



LOFT LOW SIDEBOARD / TV UNIT £826  Photo credit: AIF

Photo credit: AIF

LIGNA OAK TV UNITS FROM £979  Photo credit: AIF

Photo credit: AIF

So what do we have?

Well you'll not be surprised to learn we have a low-level unit, that's just about double the size of our television which is hung on the wall - at eye level from the sofa. I've had to compromise on the style of our TV unit. It's wood and is open shelved, which was the requirement for MOH's hifi - and as that's a big thing for him - and the only place it could go - there really was no choice. The bigger compromise for me is having his record player on top of the unit; I've countered that though with three terracotta plant pots with a pine cone in!

On the whole, it works for us - it's not exactly what I'd choose, but it's close enough and well, life's about compromise right?


This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.