Vintage threads

In yesterday’s post I shared my latest purchase, a large basket of embroidery and crochet threads. Today I’m sharing more of what I discovered as I tried to untangle its contents.

A basket of vintage craft supplies

There were several pieces of cardboard with the embroidery threads wound around and labelled, no doubt for use in a project. The yellows, oranges and greens will come in useful for my future tablecloth project, but as I was sorting through these I couldn’t help but wonder about their original intended purpose, or their owner.

Embroidery threads

There was a clue on what the crochet threads were used for, with a couple of beautifully crocheted squares and more in a plastic bag. Just look at the detail and exquisiteness of the stitches, as well as the colour, which as you’d imagine was a hit with me.

vintage crochet squares

Sorting through the basket revealed quite a few balls of crochet threads, some embroidery and tapestry skeins, and a rather shocking amount of gold sewing thread. Fourteen in fact, most of which still had the protective wrapping on. Had I stumbled across the craft supplies of another yellow fan? Or had she bought them with a project in mind, that didn’t come to fruition, who knows?

sorted out and organised
yellow thread and embroidery threads on cards

There were also some trimmings, the sort you’d find in the haberdashers. There were pom poms and fringing, the white ones were interesting though, as the individual threads are clearly visible.

pom poms and trimmings

There was a booklet of patterns, dated Spring 1938, which I need to look at further and which gives a clue to the age of the previous owner. The handwriting too of some of the threads which were labelled with the price (1/6 d) and number of skeins suggests these might not have been in active use for quite a while.

vintage crochet
tiny crochet hooks

But the real find, apart from the yellow cotton obsession, was these tiny metal crochet hooks each with a cover for the hooked end. And I thought the crochet was exquisite, these were something else.

So all in all, quite a find.

Now I just need to find a home for them, and a plan to use them - but even I may struggle to get through the lifetime supply of yellow cotton…

14 reels of yellow thread